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Stripped, Gestript! in English. On this page we want to give you the full English experience. We'll write about first issues, collected editions, comic books from across the ocean. Most of the comics are not (yet) translated, so we'll just write about them in English.

The cover of Sheets is visually very strong: a funny cartoonish image that appeals to the reader. A ghost in a washing machine: reality and fantasy. Two contradictory elements combined in this wonderful story. Brenna Thummler deserves all the praise for her first graphic novel.

Sheets is a wonderful story to read and hopefully not the last we read from the hand and mind of Brenna Thummler.

Sheets is a YA coming of age story, in which realism and fantasy are cleverly combined. The main character, Marjorie Glatt, is a high school student who is rather clumsy in dealing with peers.
The story takes place in two different locations: the small village of Finster Bay and the world of spirits. The story is set around Halloween. So at first sight, the village of the ghosts looks like a normal village. One in which the children go out for trick-or-treat. But the sheets are not dressed up children.

The spirits themselves are well conceived: invisible, therefore they have to wear a sheet with two holes for the eyes. A man dressed up as a ghost and a real spirit look about the same. This is a wonderful detail in Sheets.

Sheets is a story about grief, loneliness, depression, and memories of a loved one, but also about  friendship and overcoming sadness. At the end of a dark tunnel there is always light. Even though the life of Marjorie seems a real mess without hope, everything will turn out fine at some point.

The drawings by Brenna Thummler are colorful and form a contrast with the darker content. Brenna knows how to bring strong visual images. Like, for example, the first page of the story: in one sentence and one image, Brenna is able to summarize a whole story. The same with the cover.

Sheets is a lovely YA graphic novel. Good YA comics and graphic novels are always welcome. But don't be alarmed: the story is far from only for young adults. Adults will enjoy it too.

Images © Brenna Thummler & Lion Forge, 2018.

The Spill Zone 1.
An interesting and exciting mystery with colorful artwork. The Spill Zone is one of the best graphic novel discoveries. If you're looking for a good book this summer: this is it!

Book info:

Full review: here.

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Rashomon: A Commissioner Heigo Kobayashi Case.
Full review: here.
Book details: Victor Santos, Rashomon: A Commissioner Heigo Kobayashi Case, Dark Horse, ISBN 9781506703176 ($19,95 US)

The Spanish comic artist Victor Santos (Polar, Violent Love) writes and illustrates a noir crime and mystery story inspired by Ryunosuke Akutagawa's tales featuring commissioner Heigo Kobayashi. Linking two of the mst well-known stories from Japan.

Published by Dark Horse Comics, Inc.


Star Wars for All-Ages.
Introducing an exciting new era in all-ages Star Wars comics! Each issue in this monthly series will feature two stories, starring your favorite Star Wars characters from all the films! 

Star Wars Adventures were translated in 2018 by Dark Dragon Books.


A Magnus the Black Mystery: Black Road.

Full Review: Here
Book details:

“Saying that Brian and Garry are an amazing team is like saying water’s wet, but this is just wonderfully inspired work.” – says Publisher of Image Comics Eric Stephenson. And we couldn't agree more. Black Road is sure to be a classic and must-read for every comic book fan.

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